Important Notice: Zero and One Software Company (hereinafter " Zero and One ")Users are reminded to carefully read this "Xfplay Player Installation and Use License Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") --- users should carefully read the terms of this Agreement, including those exempting or restricting zero and one liability Disclaimer and restrictions on user rights. Please review this Agreement (minors should be reviewed with a legal guardian). Unless you accept the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to download, install or use the software and its related services. Your installation and use will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. This "Agreement" is an agreement between the user and Zero and One and its operating cooperation units ("cooperative units") regarding the download, installation, and use of "xfplay player" software (hereinafter referred to as "software") by the user. This Agreement describes the rights and obligations between Zero and One and you regarding the installation, use, and related aspects of the Software. "User" or "you" means an individual or a single entity that obtains software licenses and / or software products through the way of obtaining software licenses provided by Zero and One. This Agreement may be updated by Zero and One at any time without notice. Once the terms of this Agreement have changed, Zero and One will post the update on the software or related pages of Zero and One. Once the updated agreement content is published, it will effectively replace the original agreement terms. You can visit the software or website at any time to view the latest version of the agreement terms.

• This "Software" was developed by Zero and One. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Software, as well as all information content related to the Software, including but not limited to: text expressions and their combinations, icons, graphics, diagrams, colors, interface design, layout frames, relevant data, Printed materials or electronic documents are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and other intellectual property laws and regulations.

• The user may install, use, display and run the "software" on a single computer, terminal, workstation or other digital electronic instrument (hereinafter collectively referred to as "computer").
• All rights reserved: All other rights not expressly authorized are still owned by Zero and One, and users must obtain the prior written consent of Zero and One when using other rights.
• Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, this Agreement does not provide service terms related to other service provisions of Zero and One or cooperative units accessed using the Software, and there may be separate service terms for these services. , Please ask users to know and confirm separately when using related services. If the user uses the service, it is deemed as acceptance of the relevant service terms.

• The user shall ensure that the information provided when the user registers the software or services provided by the cooperative unit is true and correct.
• Users may use the Software in accordance with this Agreement, subject to compliance with the law and this agreement. Users are not authorized to perform actions including but not limited to the following:
• delete all copyright information and content on the Software and other copies;
• everse engineer, disassemble, decompile, etc. the Software;
• For the information about this "Software", without the written consent of Zero and One, the user's unauthorized implementation includes, but is not limited to, the following actions: use, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile, publish, publish, establish a mirror site, and make unauthorized use of "Software" develops related derivative products, works, services, etc.
• Use the Software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that violates national laws, endangers national security, motherland's unity, and social stability, or insults libel, pornography, violence, and any content that violates national laws, regulations, and policies.
• Use the Software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that infringes on other people's intellectual property rights, trade secrets, and other legal rights.
• Conducting acts that endanger the security of computer networks, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers / accounts; entering public computer networks or other people's computer systems without permission and deleting, modifying, and adding stored information; Attempts to detect, scan, or test the weaknesses of the Software system or network or other acts that undermine network security without permission; attempt to interfere with or disrupt the normal operation of the Software system or website, and intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses, Other acts that disrupt the normal network information services; forge TCP / IP packet names or partial names.
• Modify, distribute, play, reprint, reproduce, reproduce, distribute, perform, display, display audio and video resources of the Pioneer Player program in any form, and capture video, audio, image and related Commercial activity. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement and legal liability shall be investigated.
• The use of this "software" must comply with relevant national laws and policies, safeguard national interests, protect national security, and abide by this agreement. Users are fully responsible for all responsibilities arising from users' illegal use or violation of this agreement. If it has nothing to do with Zero and One and the cooperation unit, which leads to the loss of Zero and One and the cooperation unit, the Zero and One and the cooperation unit has the right to claim compensation from the user and immediately stop providing services to it.
• This "Software", like most Internet software, may be subject to various security issues, such as the use of user data by others to cause real-life harassment; other software downloaded and installed contains viruses such as "Trojan horses", threatening To the user's computer information and data security, which in turn affects the normal use of the "software" and so on. Users should strengthen the awareness of information security and user data protection, and pay attention to strengthening password protection to avoid loss and harassment.
• Any other software derived from this “software” that is developed and officially released without zero-to-one or zero-to-one authorization is illegal. Downloading, installing, and using such software may cause unpredictable risks. Users are advised not to easily Downloading, installing, and using, all legal liabilities and disputes arising therefrom have nothing to do with zero and one.
• Zero and One will take reasonable measures to protect the user's profile information. Except for legal or government requirements or user consent, Zero and One will not disclose or disclose user information to third parties other than the partner unit. However, unless the user chooses or agrees to make public when registering, or otherwise agrees between the user and Zero and One and the cooperation unit on the disclosure or use of user data, the user shall bear any risks that may arise as a result. Not responsible.
• Zero and One will establish and maintain a reasonable process to protect the confidentiality and security of minors' personal data. Zero and One solemnly declare that any minor under 18 years of age who participates in online activities must obtain the verifiable consent of the parent or his legal guardian (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "guardian").
• Without the consent of the guardian, Zero and One will not use the personal data of the minor, nor will it disclose or transmit to any third party personal data that can identify the minor. Except for reasons such as inquiries, or efforts to maintain the privacy and safety of users and the general public in emergency situations.
• Zero and One collects the personal data of minors, which is only used to protect the safety of minors when they participate in online activities, and not for other purposes. Zero and One guarantees that minors will not be required to provide additional personal information as a condition of allowing them to participate in online activities.
• In general, Zero and One requires user profile information for the following reasons: (1) Perform software verification services. (2) Perform software upgrade services. (3) Improve your security and provide customer support. (4) When a user uses a specific function of the xfplay player and a user requests a zero-one or cooperative unit to provide a specific service, the zero-one or cooperative unit needs to provide the user's information to a third party associated with it.
• The methods of "user agreement" are: (1) acceptance of this agreement and the terms of service issued by Zero and One; (2) oral or written representations made by the user via email, telephone, fax, instant communication, etc .; (3) agreement Or there is a "default consent" clause in the service statement, and the user has no objection to this. (4) Other ways that zero and one are recognized by users.
• Replacement, modification, and upgrade of the Software: Zero and One reserves the right to provide you with the right to replace, modify, and upgrade the Software at any time and the right to charge a fee for the replacement, modification, or upgrade. “Software” enables the “Upgrade Prompt” function by default for the user. Depending on the version of the “Software” used by the user, Zero and One is provided to the user to choose whether to enable this function.
• Zero and One and / or cooperative units will provide users with various Internet and mobile communication value-added services, including free and paid value-added services, in accordance with market and technology developments. Zero and one and / or cooperative units reserve the right to charge fees for related value-added services and change the charging standards and methods; if the relevant service is changed from free to charge service, zero and one and / or cooperative units will notify the user in an appropriate form. You can choose to accept or refuse the charge service, and guarantee that when you use the charge service, you will pay the fees in accordance with the relevant provisions of zero and one and / or cooperative units. Stop services and recover losses and compensation according to law.
• In order to improve the P2P network playback function of the software, the software may automatically download movies to the user's local disk when playing P2P network resources. This function will occupy some disk space of the user's computer, but will automatically prompt after reaching a certain capacity The user cleans up the movie without occupying the user's computer disk space indefinitely. Please reserve enough disk space when using this software.
• Our intellectual property policy responds to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Information Network Dissemination and other applicable intellectual property laws. Any unit or individual who believes that through the audio and video pioneer player may be suspected of infringing its legal rights and interests, it should promptly give written feedback to Zero and One, and please provide identity proof, ownership proof and detailed infringement proof. For more information, please contact us .

• Zero and One particularly reminds users that in order to protect the company ’s business development and adjustment autonomy, Zero and One has the right to modify or discontinue software authorization at any time without notifying the user. If necessary, modification or interruption will Announced on the important pages of the Zero and One website.
• The user violates the provisions of this agreement or the related terms of service, any claims, demands or losses caused or incurred by any third party, including reasonable litigation costs and attorney fees, and you agree to compensate Zero and One, the partner company, the affiliate company And protect it from damage. In this regard, Zero and One has the right to take measures including, but not limited to, interrupting the use license, stopping the provision of services, restricting use, and legal investigation, depending on the nature of the user's behavior.
• Use of the "Software" is at the user's own risk. Zero and One and cooperating units do not make any kind of guarantee for the "Software", whether express, implied or legal guarantees and conditions, including but not limited to the "Software" Express or implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for use, no virus, no negligence, or no technical defect, ownership, and no infringement, shall in no event directly or indirectly result from the use or inability to use the Software , Indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages and risks, Zero and One and the cooperation unit shall not bear any responsibility.
• The use of the "Software" involves Internet services, which may be affected by factors of instability in various aspects. There are force majeure, computer viruses, hacking attacks, system instability, user location, user shutdown, and any other network, technology, and communication. The risk of service interruption or failure to meet user requirements caused by lines, etc., users must understand and bear the above risks themselves, and therefore users cannot use this software, and Zero and One and the cooperation unit will not bear any responsibility.
• The user shall bear the risk of using the content played by the Software. Any third-party content played through the use of the software is provided or produced by others. You may obtain information and enjoy services from the third-party content. It is not responsible for its authenticity, legality, applicability, and assumes no legal responsibility.
• If you believe that the third-party content being played violates your rights, Zero and One is not related to the above content and assumes no responsibility. Zero and One recommends that you contact the third party or legal department to seek legal protection; if you need to know more about Zero and One player services, please refer to the related instructions of Zero and One player.
• The users of the third party such as the telecommunications department's communication line failures, technical problems, network, computer failures, system instability and other various force majeure reasons will not be held liable.
• If the force majeure event such as a technical failure affects the normal operation of the service, Zero and One and the cooperative unit promise to cooperate with the relevant unit in the first time to deal with the repair in time, but the economic loss suffered by the user will be zero and one. And the cooperation unit is not responsible.

Teenager users must abide by the National Convention on the Internet Civilization of Teenagers. Teenagers should pay attention to the following matters when participating in network activities, correctly learn to use the Internet, and strengthen self-protection:
• Teenager netizens should pay attention to the difference between the Internet and reality to avoid being addicted to the Internet and affecting their daily learning life.
• When netizens fill in their personal information, strengthen their awareness of personal protection to prevent unwanted elements from harassing their personal lives.
• Young people under the age of 18 should go online under the guidance and supervision of a guardian. Young netizens should be good at studying online, not browse bad information, communicate honestly and friendly, and not insult and deceive others.
• Youth netizens should strengthen their self-protection, and avoid unfamiliar netizens to meet or participate in networking activities, so as not to be used by criminals and endanger themselves.
• • Zero and One solemnly remind users to correctly understand the online world, attach importance to the security of participating in network activities, strengthen prevention, and ensure security.

• The invalidity of some or all of the provisions of this agreement will not affect the validity of other provisions.
• The place where this Agreement is signed is Guilin. The interpretation, validity and dispute settlement of this agreement shall apply to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is any dispute or dispute between the user and Zero and One, it should first be resolved through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the user hereby fully agrees to submit the dispute or dispute to the jurisdiction of Guilin City People's Court.
This software is owned by Zero and One. Zero and One reserves all rights to interpret and modify this agreement.

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