Description of job
1. Responsible for the design, development, upgrade and maintenance of Ipad, Iphone, IMac client projects.
2. Write relevant development documents and participate in the development of development standards.
3. Participate in product unit testing.
Job Requirements
1. Proficient in Objective-C, Mac OS X, Xcdoe, have technical design and architecture capabilities, and master various iOS system controls. Have more than two years of relevant work experience.
2. Familiar with Mac OS platform development; familiar with algorithmic thinking, strong problem solving ability, deep understanding of OOD / OOP, and good programming habits.
3. Proficient in architectural mode, familiar with various algorithms and data structures, multi-threading, network programming (Socekt, http / web service), etc.
4. Participated in the research, design and implementation of mobile platform software framework, key technology verification and code writing.
5. Strong sense of responsibility for software products, good communication skills and excellent teamwork skills.
6. Have complete IOS business application project experience, IOS upstream media development experience, can independently develop iPhone App, and app store online work development experience is preferred.
Description of job
1. Responsible for the functional design and development of Android platform application software.
2. Responsible for performance optimization, maintenance and continuous upgrade of Android products.
3. Responsible for learning and researching new mobile Internet technologies to meet product development needs.
4. Participate in product demand analysis review and technical implementation plan design.
5. Participate in the company's Android phone software development.
6. Complete the design and development of functions, interfaces and interfaces according to product requirements.
7. Read and understand the product requirements, and complete the preparation of corresponding documents for technical research and development according to the development plan.
8. Propose improvements to the product based on the experience during the development process.
Job Requirements
1. College degree or above in computer and electronics.
2. Have more than two years working experience in Java and Android product development.
3. Proficient in Java language and Java virtual machine mechanism.
4. Master the basic principles of object-oriented design and be familiar with design patterns.
5. Familiar with Android application development platform, Android application development framework, Android NDK developers are preferred.
6. Have a deep understanding of event processing, memory processing, multi-threaded programming, network communication and performance optimization related to Android development.
7, have strong ability to learn, analyze and solve problems, work proactive and responsible, able to bear hardships and stand hard work.
Description of job
1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the company's website.
2. Responsible for the development of the demand interface of the company website.
3. Responsible for the coding of related business modules on the website platform.
4. Organize and compile related development documents.
5. Cooperate with Android and IOS to complete interface document writing and interface development work with high efficiency and high quality.
6. Responsible for building and maintaining the PHP environment of the website server, responsible for the design, development, and testing of PHP program modules.
Job Requirements
1. Computer or related major, college degree or above, have PHP development experience for more than two years.
2. Query optimization and storage optimization experience, PHP cache technology, static design experience.
3. Have a good code writing style, require clear structure, naming conventions, strong logic, and understand technical document writing norms.
4. Familiar with HTML, DIV + CSS, Javascript, and proficient in using jquery and other frameworks.
5. Familiar with LAMP environment, with OOP programming ideas, proficient in using common design patterns, familiar with common open source packages and common PHP extensions, such as Smarty / Memcached and so on.
6, with cross-platform, multiple browser-compatible MobileWeb / HTML5 / CSS3 development experience.
Description of job
1. Code writing and integration based on the Java framework to implement software that meets design specifications.
2. Responsible for the functional planning, requirements analysis and design, technical implementation and user experience of the company's products.
3. Responsible for the code development, debugging and maintenance of the module.
4. Solve the business and technical problems encountered in the development process, find feasible improvement solutions and implement them.
5. Assist and complete various other technology development tasks.
Job Requirements
1. At least one development language is required.
2. Computer or related major, college degree or above, java development experience is preferred.
3. Proficient in Java server-side programming and SQL statements, proficient in SpringMvc, jquery, css, and familiar with a variety of databases in Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.
4. Familiar with basic network settings, able to apply multiple operating systems, Windows, Linux, etc., familiar with the use of middleware such as RESIN, TOMCAT.
5. Requires solid basic skills, rigorous logical thinking, independent thinking and development capabilities, good sense of collaboration and team spirit.
Description of job
1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of Windows PC projects;
2. Able to understand user needs and complete project analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance;
3, responsible for completing the preparation of technical documents;
4. Complete other tasks arranged by the team.
Job Requirements
1. Familiar with Windows platform, familiar with C ++ / VC ++ (MFC), proficient in using visual studio; have more than two years of relevant development work experience.
2. Familiar with Windows API, Windows messaging mechanism, MFC framework, dynamic library, Windows service programming, network programming, multi-threading, com, ActiveX is preferred.
3. Knowledge and experience in graphic images, audio and video processing, and streaming media are preferred.
4. Developers familiar with Linux C or Java are preferred.
5, good health, have strong learning and research capabilities, can adapt to business trips.
Description of job
1. Responsible for information collection and editing of related columns / channels on the website.
2. Complete the planning and daily update and maintenance of information content.
3. Write website news, information and related product information.
4. Collect, research and process online readers' opinions and feedback.
5. The editor organizes the planning and promotion activities and participates in the implementation.
6. Assist in the completion of channel management and column development planning, and promote the improvement of website visibility.
7. Strengthen communication and collaboration with relevant internal departments and organizations.
Job Requirements
College degree or above, preferably computer science graduate.
Description of job
1. Responsible for the HTML, CSS, JavaScript parts of the company's WEB product front-end UI development.
2. Collaborate with WEB backend engineers to complete product implementation.
3. Create beautiful and user-friendly web user interface.
Job Requirements
1. Experience in website development is preferred.
2. Familiar with web front-end technology, familiar with HTML, DIV, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and Jquery, can write front-end page code that complies with W3C standards, compatible with multiple browsers, can write or quickly modify dynamic scripts.
3. Have certain art foundation and web interface design experience.
4. Have the interest and ability to solve problems and study new technologies, have good teamwork spirit, have a high sense of responsibility, and be able to work under pressure for front-end development.
5. Pay attention to the Internet and new trends in the industry, and understand the latest technology and special effects performance.
Description of job
1. Responsible for the creative ideas and UI design proposals of the company's Internet products (mainly including apps and web pages).
2. Responsible for the interaction design, visual design and related graphic design and production of the company's products.
3. Communicate with the product team, make design prototypes at different levels, and continuously optimize the user experience.
4. Responsible for creative design of other company website products, product marketing materials and corporate culture.
Job Requirements
1. engaged in website, graphic, software UI art design, mobile client and mobile website art design experience.
2. Have a solid art background, good visual aesthetics, good creative thinking, understanding ability and systematic UI design theory knowledge. Familiar with the design process of web pages and mobile clients, and have good UI and interaction design capabilities.
3. Rich imagination and creativity, modeling ability, composition ability, and good color perception.
4. Familiar with various UI design tools and drawing software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver.
5. Familiar with HTML, DIV, CSS is preferred, and can be made into a static web page file according to the effect map.
6. Passionate, willing to challenge, strong communication and expression skills, able to fully understand product documentation, and write corresponding interaction design instructions.
7. College degree or above in art design and computer related majors; experience in UI design for mobile platform App for more than 1 year is preferred.
Application method
Send your resume to the email address of the company, and the subject of the email will be “Name + Position”

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